Rugby for everyone

Tag Rugby began in Australia, back in 1992. when it was developed as a training aid for Rugby League teams. Using fabric tags on players’ shorts meant less contact during training and the less likelihood of injury.

The concept is simple.

Every player attaches two tags to their shorts with Velcro. Game play is similar to Rugby League and Touch Rugby, but instead of a physical tackle or touch, defending players try and stop their opponents from scoring by pulling a tag from the shorts of the person carrying the ball – known as “tagging”.

It’s this method of play which makes the sport so accessible for men and women of all ages and abilities, giving the option to play men or women only, or in mixed teams. And so, due to the inclusiveness, popularity of this fast-paced and friendly sport continues to grow.

In London, Tag Rugby has been played regularly since 2009. The friendly vibe at the ground and after match social activities, keep players coming back for both the fitness and the fun. Our experience of running successful Tag Rugby leagues and creating a straightforward model for success, means we know what it takes to turn this sociable sport into a profitable business. Whether that be on a full-time or part-time franchisee basis. 


In a league
of its own...

  1. Comprehensive full-time or part-time franchise packages available
  2. Simple and profitable business model
  3. Bespoke league management software
  4. Broad target audience
  5. Build multi-level leagues, allowing for greater competition and business growth
  6. Extra opportunities - corporate days, social events and one day festivals
  7. Fun, flexible and rewarding career

Social &

Rooted in Australia and growing in popularity ever since, Tag Rugby is fast becoming the next big social sport to spread across the UK and Ireland.
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Are you ready to score?

To run a Tag Rugby franchise, you need to be energetic and motivated, with local knowledge and be great at establishing new contacts.
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A winning opportunity

Running a sports based franchise allows you to combine your passion for sport with a viable commercial opportunity.
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On your marks... get set...go!

We're looking for committed and energetic people to help grow our business, so we take care to recruit the right people for the job.
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