Are you ready to score?

To run a Try Tag Rugby franchise, you need to be energetic, organised, motivated and have a “can do” attitude. You will need to have good local knowledge and be great at establishing new contacts, because you’ll be responsible for finding suitable grounds for play and creating a buzz around this sport in your local area.

It’s quite likely that you’ll already be a fan of Tag Rugby and may have played it before (or are perhaps already involved with a local Rugby Club), but this isn’t a pre-requisite. Just having a keen interest in rugby or other ball sports generally will mean you’ve got the right passion for making this sporty business a success.

You don’t need to have managed a business or a sports league before – we’ll give you all the support you need to get up and running. However, you do need to be committed to putting the time and energy into building a league and getting out there in the local community to encourage participation.

We are looking for people who share our same enthusiasm for sport and who would enjoy creating a vibrant, social and competitive local league.

Social &

Rooted in Australia and growing in popularity ever since, Tag Rugby is fast becoming the next big social sport to spread across the UK and Ireland.
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Rugby for

Tag Rugby began in Australia when it was developed as a training aid for Rugby League teams. Using fabric tags on players‘ shorts meant less contact.
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A winning opportunity

Running a sports based franchise allows you to combine your passion for sport with a viable commercial opportunity.
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On your marks... get set...go!

We're looking for committed and energetic people to help grow our business, so we take care to recruit the right people for the job.
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